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Ain't broken? Just the time to fix it!

Sep 26, 2014 1:38:38 PM / by Ratheesh Raveendran

"An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed & direction unless acted on by an external force".  No, this is not going to be a blog on the Basic Sciences... I mentioned Newton's first law of motion only to highlight an interesting parallel between the inertia of physical objects and human behavior. The latter is difficult to measure, but all of us have come across umpteen situations where we have modified our natural behavior in response to an event. And mostly these are changes for the good... improved driving habits when cops/cameras are in the vicinity, hitting the gym few days before a health check-up, quarter-end scramble by sales people etc. are examples of these.  In the mentioned situations, cops, health-check up, and limited time have taken the role of Newton's "external force".

All of us understand that good driving habits improve safety, a disciplined approach to sales leads to a better bonus etc. But we still wait for that external push to bring out the best in us.  The same can be said about Enterprises too... very often I am asked about the "Metrics" that OpsVeda will improve.  And, prospects highlight the fact that currently their operations are stream-lined with all metrics in the green.  But OpsVeda is about a new way of managing operations. Instead of reacting to issues raised on the floor the team has a chance to proactively fix exceptions before they raise their ugly head. So, the real question to ask is if the metrics can be made greener now or if one should wait for everybody else to get greener when today's green would look more like red. Put in other words, should one seize the opportunity to get ahead, or should one wait for the point when a great deal of sangfroid would be needed to just play catch up.

Operational Intelligence approach that OpsVeda is pioneering is a paradigm change. Problem transactions automatically get bubbled up in real-time instead of the user distilling insights from mammoth spreadsheets; from managing based on data that is hours/days old the organization moves to a single view of the current scenario; in-context collaboration replaces loose emails and phone calls; quick search with transaction content replaces frantic peering through folders & systems... and so on. Though the relevance of Operational Intelligence might be more manifest in those Enterprises that are scaling up rapidly, even organizations with seemingly mature processes have a great deal to gain – increased order confirmations, improved floor productivity, fewer recalls, better fill-rates, intelligent route changes, reduced customer penalties etc.  A paradigm shift does not always address problems that are in plain sight... they could be innovations that can even uplift something that evokes indifference in the most vigilant executive. So, though these gains might appear like a bonus today, they would suddenly become a pressing necessity if your competitors take the new paradigm to customers first. But, why wait for that stage when there are rich dividends to reap today – after all who doesn't love bonuses? Don’t take my word for it – just think about how Uber and Tesla just showed up – and what they are doing to established players!

Let your next initiative be something that you envision as the future rather than the antidote to the latest "external force".  A free peek into the future with YOUR PROCESS & DATA is easier than you think... just scroll to the top of the OpsVeda Homepage and click on "Free Trial".

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Ratheesh Raveendran

Written by Ratheesh Raveendran

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