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Gartner on Visibility for Supply Chain Planning and Collaboration

Aug 31, 2016 5:58:48 PM / by Sanjiv Gupta

Since the advent of BI, organizations of all sizes have pushed to broaden their spectrum of analytical insights.  Of course, a key motivator for this effort was to improve operational efficiency. In many organizations, these efforts did not deliver to the management’s expectation. The root causes for the failure in most cases are information latency and lack of cross-functional linkage.

Given this background, we were delighted when Gartner covered SanDisk’s (Western Digital) roll out of OpsVeda in the report based on their research on Supply Chain Visibility Solutions.  The report written by Gartner analysts Christian Titze and Amber Salley, titled Lessons Learned From Supply Chain Visibility Initiatives: Part 1 - Supply Chain Planning and Cross-Domain, 2016 profiled use cases at a number of organizations with visibility initiatives.

The report talks about SanDisk’s previous attempt at real-time visibility using capabilities of its transaction systems.  Unfortunately, such solutions could not scale to the needs of the $5 Billion company.  The solution was to bring in an additional layer over the transaction and planning systems, which would acquire and analyze the data in real-time.

Traditional batch reports run at different times (to spread out the load on the system) and that causes different departments to have reports as of different time-points, which obviously are not comparable. With a real-time solution, the data from every department corresponds to the same point of time - which of course is the instance when the user decided to review the data. So it is possible to correlate and compare data from different functions for effective analysis. This in turn makes cross-departmental planning and collaboration effective. And, live information also takes away a lot of the guess work teams make to get an estimate of the current situation.

With OpsVeda, SanDisk uses a single cockpit to manage all exceptions in its order fulfillment process.  Downstream events that could be potential problems (in other departments) are bubbled-up in real-time enabling collaboration and pro-active problem solving.

The Gartner report talks about a number of lessons for companies embarking on similar visibility initiatives.  The benefits achieved by SanDisk include fewer lost sales due to increase in on-time confirmation of orders, and significantly improved sales operations productivity.  More details about SanDisk’s real-time visibility project and its benefits are available here.

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Sanjiv Gupta

Written by Sanjiv Gupta

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