Ravi Mandayam

Date: 20 Jan, 2023

New Year, New Features!

Your data has always been the star of the show at OpsVeda, and 2022 was a truly thrilling endeavor. Our team has been hard at work making it possible to analyze a variety of new types of data from your business operations and bring it to life through new storyboards.

Brand new integrations. Dynamic simulations. Making sense of data from disparate sources. Forecasts of the future. All of this and more to give you an increasingly clearer and more comprehensive and actionable view of your business operations so that you can make decisions that will drive profitability.

Not so long ago, you may have looked at your data and saw a murky night sky. With OpsVeda's beautiful data visualizations, we help you peer into the galaxies.

New Solutions

It’s official: Shopify, Oracle Netsuite, Infor M3, and Recharge integrations are here

OpsVeda offers new integrations with ShopifyNetsuite and Infor M3 that give you end-to-end visibility into fulfillment, inventory, forecasting, and sales trends. Leverage the data to devise new marketing and revenue strategies. We’re also helping you prevent revenue loss---before it happens.

Get insight into…

  • Fulfillments delays
  • Product, revenue, and historical sales trends
  • Incoming orders vs. actual inventory available  

Our new integration with Recharge helps you make better decisions about product sales strategy and managing customer expectations. Visualize your data for:

  • Top subscribed products
  • Subscriptions
  • Cancellation causes
  • Payment errors

Demand Forecasts, Simulated

Using this new tool, your team can now instantly create a simulation of the demand forecast and then turn it into a storyboard. Vary the parameters to see how demand might change and use it to set realistic targets.
What’s the real lead time?

Do your standard lead times reflect what’s actually happening on the ground? Lead Time Optimization allows you to see your real lead times based on historical data and understand why they might be different from your standard lead times. This new feature can even suggest an update to your standard lead times.
Let’s talk about Physical Inventory

Which of your SKUs/BINs should be counted first? Our new physical inventory feature identifies issues in SKUs/BIN/transactions/dates and makes suggestions about what should be counted based on the analysis. Get ready for a more efficient warehouse team and better inventory accuracy.­­­­ Greater inventory accuracy translates into greater fill rates and higher revenue.
Buyer/Supplier Collaboration just got easier

Buyers and suppliers can now communicate seamlessly with our new Supplier Collaboration tool. Coordinate delivery dates, PO acknowledgements, ASNs, packing slips and more without sending countless emails back and forth.
What’s the current ATS/ATP?

OpsVeda’s new API for ATS/ATP has arrived, giving customers continuous ATS/ATP visibility. Integrate it with e-commerce platforms or combine it with a data visualization tool to get a better picture of what’s available now and in the future. Your sales reps can then let your customers know what’s possible.
Introducing Warehouse Ops E2E

Warehouse Ops E2E helps warehouse operations and fulfillment teams with:

  • Volume Projection
  • Capacity Planning
  • OTD
  • Cycle Count
  • Rework Management
  • Cartonization
  • Palletization
  • Labor Tracking
  • Productivity monitoring

Supercharging Inventory Planning and Analysis

Our new Inventory Planning and Analysis Tool (IPAT) looks at demand, forecasts, on-hand inventory and incoming supplies to provide 360° visibility of your inventory. View your monthly inventory coverage, month end inventory projection, and excess/insufficient inventories. From inventory planners to production and supply managers, anyone working in the supply chain can use this tool to:

  • Track shortages
  • Control inventory
  • Create PO/PR
  • Make pull-in/push-out/cancel decisions
  • Make disposal decisions

Customers: Learn more about OpsVeda's new solutions by checking out the Release History found in the About section of your main menu.

Platform Improvements

Storyboarding from The PAMS Builder

Your PAMS Builder aggregates data from key metrics and now enables you to create a JUNI storyboard for KPIs and trends of key supply chain metrics, including profit or sales margins, inventory cost, and supplier performance. Configure the charts on the fly and get insights in seconds.
Extending JUNI’s Capabilities

Instantly create JUNI storyboards using any custom data set, not just the ones in our data model. Combine data on weather, container location or other trends in the market along with your own supply chain data.
The Good Stuff—Logistics Optimization

Improvements in logistics optimization allow customers to schedule, prioritize and transload containers, and get their real-time ETA, among other capabilities.
Continuous Demand, Supply, Inventory & Logistics matching

Supply-demand matching is now more flexible and continuous. Configure the system to include and exclude different demand, supply, and inventory parameters. From container prioritization to SLA considerations and more, your team can customize the match according to your specific needs. View real-time ETAs and gain even more powerful visibility into your supply chain.


With OpsVeda 9.0, you can now:

  • Select a subset of the exceptions you track as higher priority events in JUNI.
  • Customize your storyboards with different fonts and styles.
  • Send your storyboards to your email inbox as Excel, PDF, or .gif attachments.

Get It Faster!

We've been amping up. OpsVeda 9.0 can now turn your data into beautiful visualizations faster than ever before to help you gain insights in real-time.

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