Operations profitability and agility, through data and AI

De-risking Operational Intelligence Projects – The OpsVeda Way!

Plugging Revenue and Margin Leakages – Easier done than said with OpsVeda 9.0!

Powering up Operational Excellence

Top Priorities for 2H 2020 and beyond...

The Data-Driven Organization...

Automation Is Key To Scaling Operations...

To Succeed in the 2020s, Focus on Agility....

Supply Chain Challenges in the Post-COVID Era...

Supply Chain - Strategy & Execution

How to track performance and uncover opportunities in Supply Chain!

Data – Polysemous or Not?

Fashion’s Kipchoge or Tenderfoot? It will be a faster run either way!

A New Season in Fashion augurs a New Era for Visibility

Too much Supply Chain Visibility, too little business impact

Enterprise Processes: Let Machine Learning follow the Rules

Is your hunch the next Fosbury flop?

An Operations Leader’s Awakening

The Problem with Intuition!

3 Reasons why Retailers need an Operational Intelligence Platform

None who wander should be lost… Never in the data lake

Natural Language Interactions: A Leap in Democratizing Analytics

When Opportunity Knocks, Do You Hear?

Deep Learning for a Deep Supply Chain

The Detailed Half Page Document!

Gartner on Visibility for Supply Chain Planning and Collaboration

Stale Data – Is the tale getting stale?

Many Millions are lost - all for want of a nail

IoT with Real-time Intelligence – Mid-Market's Colt for Operational Execution?

When Supply Chain Managers turn Hansel & Gretel...

OpsVeda CEO Sanjiv Gupta speaking at SAP RETAIL FORUM 2015

OpsVeda Announces General Availability of Version 6.0 of its Business Execution Platform

Operations defines User Experience

Real Time Operational Intelligence for Apparel, Footwear and Retail Companies

When Moore's Growth isn't Enough...

Simplify Operations with Real-Time Operational Intelligence Platform

Simplification – Beyond user experience

Meet our Product Experts and Customers at SAP SAPPHIRENOW 2015.

Operational Intelligence in 2015 – An Idea whose time has come!

Port Congestion and Container Prioritization

Bulk Orders and the Bulkier Genie

Validations vs. Exceptions

Information abundance and Context deficit

The Many Eggs of Columbus

Ain't broken? Just the time to fix it!

OpsVeda on Cloud - Bring on the Complexity

The needle in the Operations' haystack

For Heaven’s sake, this is Excel!

Exceptions and the Chain of Critical Events - OpsVeda

Democratizing Data driven Decisions

The Anatomy of a Real-time Prescriptive Analytics System

OpsVeda – Voice of the Customer

Enabling decision automation with Prescriptive Analytics

Business Agility – No longer about reacting fast

Birth of a Business Paradigm – Business Agility

Need for Agility in Channel Operations

Enterprise Software for Mobile Devices: Ready for Prime Time

Complexity abounds, but Simplicity is a must!

Right Selection as the Key Element of Agility

Where Does Agility Begin?

Disruptive Innovation in the Enterprise

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